So you are in love and you are pretty confident that he loves you, too. And you have kept yourself together, too, wearing the latest fashions, hair always poppin’ and taking care of things at home. So why is he looking at that chick over there?

Let’s face it girls, he’s going to look. Truth is you probably can’t help but notice a bootylicious bottom and a rack that’s stacked yourself. But there is a line between taking a peek and disrespecting you. How do you know, though, when your man is crossing the line?

Actually, it’s pretty much up to you. You should draw the line. It’s up to you and your confidence… how much do you believe that he won’t run over there and ask for her digits? It’s up to you to let him know how far he can go before it upsets you. Honestly, whatever you say is not going to change what he is thinking, but you can ask him to keep it under wraps and not to be too obvious.

Now, you do have to take some things into consideration. Ask yourself some questions: Are you happy with the level of his commitment to you? If you have doubts, that peek at the chick on the side may be more than a peek and the signs of a wandering eye.

Is he staring or was it just a one-time look? If it was more than a glance and he and she make eye contact, you might want to put your boy in check.
Has he cheated before? If this is another sign that he isn’t a one-woman man, maybe you need to check yourself and consider moving on.

See it for what it is. Don’t waste your energy making a big deal out of it. Don’t be afraid of it. Trust your man. Empower yourself and have confidence that it’s no big deal. If you make a scene, it will only make him uncomfortable and probably ruin the evening. If it bothers you that much, take it up at home.

Handle it. Be comfortable with him to the extent that you can make a joke out of it. Then he will relax and not feel like he did something wrong… ‘cause he’s going to look. It’s part of their caveman instincts that’s never evolved.