If He Does These 8 Things When He Texts You, He Definitely Likes You

4. He makes use of flirty emoticons.

If he’s constantly making use of the emoticons with kisses and heart eyes, then yeah, he’s probably into you. Why would he use such flirty smiley language when he doesn’t like you? It’s either that or he’s gay and really friendly.

5. He texts you compliments.

He’s always telling you how pretty you are and how attractive you are. He’s always finding ways to make you feel better about yourself through text. He’s interested in you and you should give him a chance. Entertain him for a bit and let him know if you’re interested too.

6. He says he likes talking with you.

When a guy tells you that he likes talking to you, he means it. It means he would want to talk to you more often. He’d talk to you all day if he could.

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