If He Does These 25+ Things, Date Him


You should date the person with these characteristics.

1. Date someone that urges you to tell your friends that he says hello whenever you get a text from one of them.

2. Date someone that will sit through a movie with you that he’s already seen, so he can watch your reactions to it all.

3. Date someone that will find a fancy spot to take you on a date, because he knows you want to show off the new dress you just bought.

 4. Date someone that will Tweet about your accomplishments when you’re too modest to do so yourself.

 5. Date someone that snaps pictures of you, even when you feel like a mess, because he thinks you look absolutely beautiful.

 6. Date someone that slows down with his drinking when you speed up, so he can stay sober and take care of you.

 7. Date someone that blasts the radio when your favorite song comes on, even if it’s one he can’t stand.

 8. Date someone that looks at you the same way your dog does when you first step through the door.

 9. Date someone that kisses you on the forehead as often as he kisses you on the lips.

 10. Date someone that will pull you closer when you’ve had a bad dream and will stay awake with you until you’ve calmed down.