15 Tips How to Make Him Want You

Here are 20 of the best ways to get him to notice you- want you- and then of course, need you.

1. Plenty of Eye Contact

A person’s eyes can say more than words could ever describe- and that’s why eye contact is so incredibly important when you’re interested in a man. Keeping eye contact with him, especially if you add a bit of seductiveness to your looks, will let him know that you are feeling him and definitely want him. He won’t be able to resist your alluring eyes!

2. Kindness Goes a Long Way

We all know that every man is seeking the perfect ‘girl next door’. That being said, it’s important to be kind and a bit shy, disclosing that sexy and seductive side until the two of you are alone of course. He will love your kindness and be drawn to your real, genuine attitude.

3. Play Hard to Get

This doesn’t mean you have to be totally rude and deny him every chance you get. Some women tend to take the ‘play hard to get’ game a little too far and end up coming across as a disinterested, self absorbed rude female. You want to flirt a little, smile a little, and text/call a little- but not too much. Don’t give everything away at once- make him work for it and always keep something hidden away for next time.

4. Don’t Be Needy

Even if he is the man of your dreams and you know the two of you would be the perfect couple, you can’t let HIM know that! Never appear needy. We can’t express this enough! It’s simply unattractive and nobody wants to be with someone who is desperate in any way, shape, or form. Drop subtle hints that you are interested but don’t go overboard!

5. That Being Said…Let Him Call/Text First

Back in the day, it was the man’s job to call the woman- not the other way around. And while in this day and age men and women will contact each other willy nilly, it tends to work best if the man calls the lady first. Not only is it an old-fashioned form of chivalry, but it will also make him want you more.


6. Don’t Look Like a High-Maintenance Woman

I can’t tell you how many times men have said how a high-maintenance woman is simply a turn off. No man wants to deal with a self absorbed princess who thinks those around her should jump through fiery hoops (while bearing gifts of silver and gold) or please her. You will certainly have him running in the opposite direction with a high-maintenance look and attitude, so try to keep it simple and casual as much as possible.


7. Show Him Your Funny Side

A woman that can make a him laugh, AKA the woman of his dreams. Guys just love it when a woman has a good personality and can make jokes that really have him rolling. If you want to impress him and make him want you, lay down the charm and your best jokes- it’s a surefire way to get him craving more.

8. Confidence is Key

Just like it’s important to have a killer personality, there’s really nothing more attractive on a woman than her confidence. And if you can show him you can work the room with your head held high and a smile on your face, you will UNDOUBTEDLY grab his attention- almost immediately- and you’ll probably have his eyes on you for the next few weeks until he makes his move.

9. What’s That Smell?

I think we all know how much men love it when a women smells good. So before you go anywhere near the man of your dreams, make sure you spray on the most divine scent you own. He will be instantly attracted to the smell and want to be near you.

10. Be Flirty

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but you would be surprised at how many women forget to do it. They’ll have a basic conversation or simply be too shy to do any type of flirting. But men LOVE to flirt, and they will certainly be interested if you start making flirty remarks that entice him.

11. Touch His Arm

Nothing makes a man happier than a smiling, laughing woman touching his arm playfully. Plus it’s a surefire way to let him know that you’re interested. After you do the ole, ‘touch and smile’ charade, you can expect him paying a lot more attention to you than ever before.

12. Be Down to Earth

A woman who can present herself as a classy and confident woman while also being able to play video games and engage in sports is a down to earth lady that every guy wishes he could have. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and-gasp- break a nail. He will love how versatile you are, knowing he can take you to a fancy dinner at the most respectable spot in town while also being able to take you to a sports game.

13. Smile Often

A man loves it when he can make a woman smile and laugh. There is just something about a lady’s beautiful smile that men can’t get enough of. So make sure you’re smiling and giggling as much as possible. He will love every minute of it and really fall for that dazzling smile you have.

14. Compliment Him

This might go under the category of ‘flirting’ for some of you, but others look at flirting and complimenting in totally different ways. While a flirt might be presented as a cute tease or enticing joke, a compliment is more natural and real and focuses on something you genuinely like about the man. Just remember, don’t overdo it with the compliments to the point where you look obsessed. One good, genuine compliment is enough for him

15. Make Him Jealous

Ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? That statement kind of applies here. Yeah, he hasn’t lost you- but he could. And that will drive him nuts. Again, it’s important not to go overboard with trying to make him jealous. A simple flirt with another man lets him know that you are on the hunt for a man, but he’s not the only one you’re interested in and he will have to do a little something to win over your affection.

H/T: Herinterest