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How to Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend

How to Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend

Sometimes friends are not the witches they look like. Obviously they do not trust you. Come to them and try to integrate them or her. Remember that you need an enemy nearby, until you detect if this woman has good intentions or not, you must get close to her.

In this way your boyfriend sees that you are making the effort, and if this girl is just your friend it is essential to have her on your side.

Do not mistrust

Avoid making scenes to your man because of his friend, in the end you are the only one that looks bad. If your friend is not the one that he created while you behave properly trying to be a good girlfriend, she is like the bad one in the story.

Never get down to your level, in the end your boyfriend chose you, a beautiful, educated and reliable woman. Not her

If the situation gets difficult

If this woman is getting rude to you, or your boyfriend simply defends her swashbuckling, or spends much more time with her than with you. It’s time to act.

Talk very seriously with your boyfriend, one acceptable thing is that both have friends of the opposite sex. But there are limits, you always have to give your place and you have to respect yourself.

Speaking quietly with him and stating your opinion. It is not a matter of choosing between the two. But to explain that he is giving you to understand that he cares more about his friendship than you and that is not acceptable.

Your boyfriend’s friend can be a great weapon for you, if they like you and they take you, she will defend you in front of her friend. Which is great however, if this friend is not to be trusted, you must take care of the world.

Always one step ahead of her. You are the educated woman, that always remember, never get down to her level.

Remember and remind your partner that a relationship is two. If he is not willing to give in. It is better that you reconsider your relationship


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