How To Act If A Girl Likes You


Did you happen to like a girl ? Or have you thought what you would do if it happened?

What would you say if you know a girl likes you?

What would you say to a woman if she tells you she likes you? In my opinion, “Yes!” or “No!”.


There are women who are ultra-affectionate and we like physical contact with the people we love, but sometimes we can feel that one of our friends is being affectionate. Then we must set limits if this bothers us. If one of our friends or acquaintances begins to behave more intensely than before and that makes you suspect that she likes you, maybe you should clarify the point. Change your way of relating to her and see if you are right or just hallucinate.


If you did not suspect anything and suddenly a girl arrives and surprises you with her confession, do not express that surprise. You will feel evidenced even if you are alone.

Just tell her that your tastes are different and that’s it! There is no reason to be shocked or anything like that . If she is your friend , nothing happens either, subject to the fact that one of the two of you really finds it difficult to continue with your friendship. Well, if you like it, just say yes.


You can say “No” in a good way, but being rude is never worth it . You would not like to be rejected in a rude, right? Then you do not have to be. Respect their sexual preferences as much as she respects you.

Has it happened to you? What did you say to him? And what do you think about the subject?