How The Phases Of The Moon Influence Your Emotions


He moon has different phases during its cycle, which are produced by the interaction between the movements of the sun, the moon and the earth.

In one year, the moon makes 13 trips around the earth, that is 13 lunation. Each lunar cycle lasts about 28 days.  We know 4 types of moon phase: the new moon, crescent moon, full moon and fourth quarter.

We do not know for sure why the moon affects us. The most accepted explanation is that our body is constituted by 65% ​​water, and the force of gravity that the moon exerts on the bodies of water on earth, influences subtly within our bodies.

New moon

It is attributed to the beginning of each period, and during its apogee, you may experience the sensation of starting from scratch with more energy and clarity. It includes a stage of energy and emotional renewal . If you have had a good process with the other phases, you will perceive fullness. Otherwise you will feel the opposite, as a lack of energy, even experiencing sadness and depression.

Crescent moon

At this stage, emotional sensitivity is often exacerbated . Do not be surprised if you are more susceptible, wanting to vent and say what you think.

This is a creative period, ideas begin to flow. Healthy and positive emotions emerge to achieve goals and solve problems.

Full moon

This is the phase during which you collect what you harvested in the previous phases. So if you sow energy and positivism, you will see how the problems are solved and you achieve your goals .

If you sow unhealthy emotions, negativity, frustration, etc., it is likely that in this period your mind will be clouded and your good judgment diminished.

Waning moon

The emotional euphoria begins to diminish during the waning moon. If during your process you have filled with positive emotions, you enter a period of introspection that will help to reframe objectives.

If your process has been less than positive, introspection will lead to feelings such as impotence, frustration, sadness and even depression.