A man can feel some or all the stages of grief simultaneously, in addition to concerns about his own manhood and masculinity. The complex emotions this gives rise to may result in confusion, anger or even emotional outbursts.

We can sort the thoughts men have, roughly, into the following stages of grief, but experiencing several of these stages at one time is perfectly natural.

Give yourself permission to think and feel what you wish, so long as those thoughts and feelings do not presage harm to yourself or someone else. if you do think one of these things about your former partner’s impending nuptials, remember there is nothing wrong with you! You may just need to take time to grieve and accept that your relationship really, finally is over.

Ladies, here’s how your ex feels about you:

1. “She’s WHAT?”
2. “She can’t possibly marry that loser!”
3. “Why would she want him when she could have been with me?”
4. “This cannot be happening. He’s totally wrong for her!”
5. “Never mind holding my peace. I’ve got plenty to say!”
6. “She never really loved me.”
7. “I hate her for marrying him and I especially hate him for asking.”
8. “Nice of her not to invite me!”
9. “I’m the best she’ll ever have.”
10. “She didn’t deserve me!”
11. “If she came back, I’d try to be a better husband and father.”
12. “I’d give anything to be the one standing next to her saying ‘I do” all over again.”
13. “I’d take her back in a second if she just wouldn’t marry him.”
14. “I wish I could turn back time so we’d still be together.”
15. “What if I never fall in love again?”
16. “What if I never meet anyone better than her?”
17. “I’m doomed to be alone forever.”
18. “Maybe she’s the best I’ll ever have.”
19. “I didn’t deserve her.”
20. “I hope he treats her well.”
21. “I hope they’re really happy together.”
22. “I wish them all the best.”

Source: Relationshiptricks