Every zodiac sign has its own addiction. So, here are some common addictions that you might relate to, which are based as per the zodiac signs. Take a look.


These guys are addicted to being hard romantics. They’re very sensitive and can do anything and everything to make their feelings heard and felt. They are also believed to love alcohol.

Aries — Coffee/Tea

They are the most active people who are always up and busy with something. They tend to be significant coffee or tea addicts. It gives them a kick that can keep them up and active 24/7. So, expect your Aries partner to empty some cups of coffee at home and work. Also Read:Each Zodiac Sign Reveals Its Lucky & Unlucky Dates

Taurus – Food

They attach their feelings and moods to food. They are big foodies, with an appetite the size of an elephant. They know very well on how to enjoy their food. Their uniqueness is that they do not need a company to enjoy it, as they can even binge all alone!

Gemini – Cigarettes

These guys love their smoke breaks during work and when in public, they tend to distance themselves sometimes to light a cigarette. They are believed to associate smoking as an icebreaker, because they love talking in an effort to get rid of their troubles by smoking up!

Cancer – Painkillers

Since Cancerians are highly sensitive, they get hurt easily and they always look for something to numb the pain to a dull roar. One can always find them keep their painkillers handy!

Leo – Shopping

They love treating themselves well and are seen pampering themselves by buying nice things. They also like owning things that make them look better than the others. They will go overboard with shopping and will spend every penny that they have.

Virgo – Toxic Relationships

These guys easily fall prey to toxic relationships that can completely destroy them emotionally. They go out of their way to love, care for and help a person, which means they would let the other person hurt them, but would never retaliate.

Libra – Social Media

They are the biggest social butterflies, as their biggest addiction is – social media. These guys are the ones whom one can see changing their DPs most often, as they change it according to their moods. They are also seen looking at their phones innumerable number of times to check on how many ‘likes’ they’ve got and so forth!

Scorpio – Intimacy

Nobody can compete with the sexual dexterity of a Scorpian. Since they are known for their intensity, they take their sexual performance very seriously, as they treat their bed as an arena to express their sexual prowess.

Sagittarius – Adventure

Every time you meet a Sagittarian, it will make you realise that they have their bucket list of places to visit and things to see. They’re always up for spontaneous plans and long road trips.

Capricorn – Work

They’re natural hard workers. They’re totally against wasting their time on trivial things. Hence, one can see them working hard and achieving their goals, which matters the most to them. They get addicted to work so easily that they forget about themselves, the people and the world around them.

Aquarius – Video Games/Books

They have a breezy way of passing by through life. They love to get lost in their own fantasies. Do not be shocked if you see them getting lost in a video game or a book, as it gets difficult for them to differentiate between fiction and reality.

H/T: Boldsky