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Here Are The Things Husbands Secretly Wish Their Wives Knew

Here Are The Things Husbands Secretly Wish Their Wives Knew

Husbands have some secrets they hate talking about but would love their wives to know. Though men don’t always want to talk, there are some things the men in our lives would like us to know.

1. Men are romantic

Men say “I love you” with their actions. When you need him to help you clean the yard or repair a leaky sink faucet, he will do it because he loves you.

Even when he is not gazing lovingly into your eyes, or seems distracted by something else, he is listening. Your man wants to solve your problems to show that he loves you. When he seems silent and distracted, he is probably thinking of ways to solve your problems.

To strengthen a relationship, men will want to do things together as a couple, such as games or sporting activities. Spending time “playing” together is one way that he expresses his love for you.

2. Men are not perfect

Though it may be news to you, your husband does not own a crystal ball. If you want him to understand something, you will need to speak clearly and directly. He can’t be expected to decipher sadness in your eyes; you need to explain to him what is wrong.

Men learn from the examples of their parents and the people who influenced them while growing up. There may be wonderful men in his life that provide great examples of what it means to be a good husband and father, or he may not have had that kind of guidance. Be sure to observe and understand the examples that are the mirrors in your husband’s life.

Women are not perfect either, so don’t forget to appreciate the way he tries.


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