Here Are Signs That You Need To Walk Away From Your Relationship

Here are a few signs that you just need to quit your relationship.

There should be no room for any physical abuse in any relationship at all. If you are physically hurting or abusing one another in a relationship, then it’s never going to work out at all. You are both losers in this situation.

Addiction is a real mental health issue and it should never be taken lightly. If one or both of you are struggling with addiction, then you both need to get help immediately before you end up dragging each other into the mud.

There should always be a healthy practice of openness and honesty in all strong relationships. If you are constantly hiding the truth from one another, then there is no way that your relationship is going to last.

A proper relationship could never be sustainable if there are consistent cases of infidelity and cheating. A real relationship requires lots of commitment, dedication, and loyalty to a single person and to a single relationship.

Any kind of relationship is always built on a foundation of mutual respect. You can’t expect to have a functional relationship with one another if you don’t respect each other.

Communication has the power to fix a lot of problems in a relationship. A couple that is always willing to talk to one another is a couple that maintains an open mind about love and life. However, when there is no communication in a relationship, then there is also no emotional connection there anymore.

A person can’t afford to be overtly selfish when in a relationship. Relationships are always a give-and-take kind of situation. You always have to be thinking about the welfare of your partner and of the relationship. If you only ever think for yourself, then your relationship isn’t going to last, and you would be better off single.

You have to be able to discuss the future as a couple. If you don’t make an effort to map out your lives together, then perhaps it’s because you don’t really see yourselves going all the way.

You keep arguing about the same things over and over again. You can never seem to come to a resolution on important issues and so you have the same fights constantly. Neither of you are willing to budge and compromise, and so your incompatibility shows.