4. She’s going to be very blunt about her opinions and criticisms.

She’s not going to sugarcoat anything even when it comes to her boyfriends. If she sees something wrong, she’s going to be honest about it and call it as it is. Others may see it as red flags for insensitivity, but in truth, she’s just really speaking her mind as she sees fit.

5. She’s very upfront about her wants and her expectations from this relationship.

She knows what she wants and she’s honest about it. She has her own expectations from men and many men will shy away from the challenge out of fear for not living up to those expectations. Men don’t want to fall short on anything, especially when it comes to relationships.

6. She’s very honest about her past experiences and relationships.

This can be a turn-off to men who see this as a woman who carries too much emotional baggage. But the truth is, we all have baggage to carry. She’s just more vocal and more honest about the crosses that she’s bearing.