Here Are 6 Signs Your Partner Might Be Holding You Back.


Here are 8 signs your partner might be holding you back.

1. He doesn’t give a care about your goals.

Next to your family and friends, you should feel most comfortable sharing your aspirations with your partner. Regardless of how attainable those dreams are, he or she should be your cheerleader, not someone who makes you doubt yourself.

2. Your partner always points out your flaws.

If your partner is constantly critical of you, this is a giant red flag.

3. He’s resentful of your accomplishments.

Some guys just can’t deal with your success. As a result, they may become dismissive of your feats in order to get a leg up in the relationship.

That might leave you questioning if you’re willing to ditch your guy for the corner office. (If he can’t be proud of what you’ve done, you might want to bail, boss lady.)


4. You have trouble enjoying other areas of your life.

When your relationship is interfering with your health and happiness, then, you’ve got a serious problem.

If your work performance has gone down the tubes or you haven’t hit up your favorite workout class in months because of your S.O., you need to start voicing your concerns.

5. Your ideals don’t align.

When your deep-down values, like money, family, kids, or travel, are at odds with his, you may unintentionally lose sight of your dreams.

To figure out whether you’re on the same page, list out your top five values and have your partner do the same. If you don’t share at least three of them, you’re going to have a problem because you don’t have the same approach to life.

6. He’s jealous.

If your partner is accusing you of being unfaithful all the time or gets annoyed when you hang out with other people, this is a sign of emotional abuse, which can quickly escalate to physical abuse.

H/T: WomensHealthMag