If Your Girl Does One of These 10 Things, Do Not Let Her Go

We know that every girl is different and so is every relationship, but if you see any of these below listed 10 things in the girl you are dating, we say you keep her and your relationship.

1. If she trusts you

Videos of how girls try to unlock their guys’ iphones are quite famous on the internet; and true to some extent too. It is really easy to get to know all about a person’s life by either raiding their cell phone or reading the diary they write. But if we look closely, it damages a relationship more than anything else can. Lack of trust can be as harmful to a relationship as lack of sugar in a pie. Trust is a hard virtue to find.

Also, it can take years to earn someone’s trust while it can only take seconds to break it. While trust is a beautiful thing to have in a friend, it is even more beautiful if your lover has it in you. It is magical, indeed, to have someone in your life who would completely trust you with everything. If you have a girl who does not doubt you but only wishes well for you, then you are a lucky guy, and you ought to put the same amount of trust in her.


2. If she does not take your excuses

If your girl does not listen to all the excuses you make in order to escape the tough times, never let her go. You think you do not like it when she does that, but deep down there, you know that she is supporting you and she will never let go of you, that surely means you like it. Such strengthening girls want to see you in the places you have dreamed about. They want you to succeed and go through all the thick and thin of life like a thunderbolt.

Such girls make you tough and they are there to support you during your rough times. The way they support you means that they will always stay by you and never let go of you and will always be there to support you, no matter what. She wants to see you at heights beyond infinity and she sees herself with you. If you already have one like this, never ever let her go and stick to her, the way she sticks to you.

3. If she knows how to deal with your anger

Everyone has the tendency to be angry, it’s normal; we all just have different lengths to which our calmness can persist. It can be a bit easy for guys who are chill but if you are naturally a short-tempered person and cannot help it, your girlfriend’s way of treating you while you are angry may matter a lot to you. If the girl in your life knows how to deal with your anger instead of being uneasy about it, you have got the perfect person, my friend.

It can be one of her greatest qualities to bring you down from ˜I am going to kill you’ state to ˜hey, no problem’ state. If not completely calming you down, then just understanding your state and keeping quiet can be of help too. But hey, keep your emotions intact. Try to control your temper, it’s not like she’s someone you can just throw all your anger at because of your inadequacies. Do not test her tolerance level. Sometimes, we lose it and that’s perfectly fine. We’re human.

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