Four Ways To Fight Insecurities In Your Relationship


If you’re feeling insecure, here are a few things that you could do to possibly rid yourself of this dilemma:

1. Don’t create problems that don’t exist

Insecurities set us off looking for problems that are not even there. If they’re not speaking as much as they used to, you think it’s because they don’t like talking to you anymore.

You complain that they have lost interest in you which might possibly result in an unnecessary argument. You tend to pick fights with them for no apparent reason.

Anyone would find this annoying and can only put up with it so long. And in due time, the only thing you would’ve achieved by this is, pushing them away.

2. Talk about your fears

Rather than keeping your fears to yourself and allowing them to grow, pour them out to your partner. This will keep you from acting rashly on your fears and save you from damaging your relationship in any way. Don’t be afraid to let everything out, they won’t judge you. Relationships enable you to be your true-self at least in front of your partner. They’d love you despite your insecurities. They could actually help you get over them.

3. Stop jumping to conclusions

They’re running late and haven’t called you; they must be with someone else. They haven’t been spending much time at home; they probably don’t want to be around you.

And so many other scenarios where you don’t even consider any other possibility except for the worst. If they haven’t called, you could call them, and if they aren’t answering maybe they’re driving or something.

If they haven’t been spending much time at home it could be because they’ve other things to tend to. Instead of expecting the most terrible, just ask them and stop bothering yourself over nothing.

4. Stop living in the past

Even if your previous relationships didn’t work out the way you wanted them to, history doesn’t necessarily have to repeat itself. You are a different person now, you know better and you’re in relationship with a different person as well. If you’ve learnt from your mistakes, then you need not worry.

But if you keep expecting the worst to happen, you might actually cause it.

Give your present relationship a chance to grow, rather than constantly doubting its stability and future.

H/T:  RelRules