Aquarius and Gemini

The couple that finishes each other’s sentences.

They can be annoying to others because PDA is their middle name but they’re great to each other. They’re psychologically connected and respect each other. They’re individualistic and can put aside their needs for their significant other.

Leo and Aries

This is my ship. (I mentioned it before, remember?) But this couple is fire. It is one hot relationship. Both are fire signs and it can get a little too heated at times but it’s nothing their bond can’t handle.

Alright so if you’re not in this list… do not worry, do not fret. It’s completely normal to not be in a common zodiac pairing. You can make it regardless of whether astrology tells you that you can.

If you’re an avid believer and actually do break up with someone based on whether or not the stars say you’re compatible, you were probably not meant to be together either way.

In the end a relationship is about mutual understanding and improvisation. It doesn’t matter if you’re both Leos or Cancers or Aries or Scorpios. It matters if you love each other enough to not let that get in the way of things.

Pisces and Taurus

The two signs are positioned further apart within the zodiac, resulting in more karmic ties and deeper empathy. Their union, it’s usually a happy one. Pisces tend to be more dreamy and idealistic and are brought back to reality by the more practical and down to earth nature of Taurus. They are the perfect balance.

In the zodiac world, these two would be considered soul mates.

Aries and Libra

The two are both ruled by the planets of passion i.e. Mars, and love i.e. Venus. They’re both social butterflies and somewhat extroverted and are probably behind some of the most lit parties you’ve been to. They’re open and are the sort to be the life of the party wherever they go. Their relationship is definitely a loud and proud one filled with fluff.