According to astrologists, there are some ‘signs’ more compatible with certain ‘signs’ than other ‘signs’… this sounds confusing but basically there are people who believe that the month in which your born can have an effect on your personality and that’s what brings us to this post

So here are some of the most compatible Couples in the zodiac sign

 Do not break up with  love just because you both aren’t on the list 

Pisces and Cancer

Cancerian intuition and nurturing brought together with deep, emotional and passionate Pisces forms one strong bond. The two water signs are compatible and their romance is appreciated and something that everyone envies. They’re very private when it comes to their relationship, eager to keep each other to themselves.

Virgo and Taurus

They’re both practical and sincere and devoted to each other. This is one pair that won’t let go so if you’re in a relationship with this particular partnership think thrice before thinking of letting go.

Aries & Aquarius

They’re perfect for each other knowing exactly when they need to be together and when they need their solo time. They won’t grow tired of each other because they’re insanely adventurous and this applies everywhere, outside the bedroom or inside… they try new things together all the time and are basically one hell of a team. You know that couple that travels together and eats all that great food together, this is that couple.

Taurus and Cancer

Both these signs value each other for what they are and how they are. There’s no need for forced change because they love each other and could frankly care less. They know exactly when to complement each other and how to ‘woo’ each other to keep the relationship exciting and satisfactory to both parties involved.

Gemini and Aquarius

Their relationship is the epitome of crazy relationships. This pair is that awkward neighbour who you just happen to see eating frog legs when you run into them on the street. They’re adventurous, fun and not afraid to try new things and are understanding when the other needs a little ‘alone time’ because they usually feel the same.

They connect in a way that you think they MUST have known each other in a previous life because it’s just that natural and quick… even if they met a week ago it seems as though they’ve known each other for years.