Few Things You’re Already Doing That Your Partner Feel Loved

Behavior matter, and being a truly decent individual will dependably be attractive. Regardless of how much your  partner cherishes you, nothing will turn him or her off more than making each other happy and loved.

Honest to goodness liberality is such an important attribute—and something your loved one certainly doesn’t underestimate. “Kindness is underrated and when you discover an  partner who is Kind, you should esteem that quality in them,”  Knowing your  partner is caring makes them considerably more attractive.

Here are little things that make your spouse feel loved and valued:

Say “thank you” and acknowledge the little things your partner does.

Give encouraging words of affirmation on really tough days at work.

Write “I love you” on a slip of paper and hide it in her purse or his pocket.

Hold hands in public.

Plan a surprise lunch date.

Watch your partner’s favorite show with them and be genuinely interested.

Try an activity that neither one of you are familiar with or have ever tried.

Cook breakfast together.

Wash your partner’s car (or have it professionally detailed–it’s the thought that counts).

Take a couple’s yoga class together.

Play a board game together.

Share your goals and dreams with one another.

Create a few goals together as a couple.

Take an unplanned vacation together.

Skip work together and lay in bed, watch cartoons and eat cereal all day.

Volunteer together.

Go for a walk together.

Hop in the car, turn off the GPS and get lost together.

Do each other’s hair.

Let her give him a shave and let him do her make up–but don’t go out in public like that…

Keep at least one of your spouse’s favorite snacks on hand at all times.

Buy each other an outfit–and actually wear them in public.

Wear matching socks or underwear.

Go on a bike ride together.

Kiss each other hello and good bye.

Fill your partner’s car up with gas.

Tell your partner that he / she is hot.

Quickly apologize after making a mistake.

Let your partner have his / her way occasionally without a fuss.

Let him / her win an argument.

Take lessons together (the type of lessons don’t matter).

Give your partner a foot rub.

Allow your partner to have space on really tough days.

Say random “I love you” throughout the day.

Seek to do at least one nice thing or random act of kindness for your partner each day.

Give your partner a 20-minute back massage.

Run a hot bubble bath complete with candles and soft music–just for him / her and allow your partner to soak as long as he / she desires.

Source: Life Hack