Few Things Men Can’t Resist About A Woman


Sometimes people are attracted to certain traits or body parts that you would never imagine. Let’s check out some of the surprising things about women that men find attractive and are hard for them to resist!

1. Make sure your style captures his eye. Dress well. That doesn’t mean that you have to let everything hang out. On the contrary, dress attractively and in style. Men are two things for sure: visual and competitive. If he sees other guys looking to check you out, you get like 747 bonus points.

2. Smile a lot and be warm. Ratchet chicks can stay home on this one for sure. If you are serious about nailing your man, drop that big smile on him, push your hair behind your ears when responding to a question, laugh at his jokes (funny or not) and use your eyes to express affection.

3. Don’t be rude. Don’t treat other people with disrespect, such as the waitress or any other service people you encounter.

4. Listen to him. Connect on a level other than physical or flirty. Have a conversation about his career or something intriguing that’s going on in the world that shows you have some level of intelligence.

5. Touch him in a lingering way. When you answer a question, reach over and lightly touch his arm or lean in to talk softly into his ear with your hand gently placed on his shoulder. Physically flirt with him without exposing the goods.