Few Things A Man Will Never Confess To A Woman

Things that no man will ever tell you.

1. They Love Confident Girls

Confidence is what attracts most of the men. The more confidence a girl is, the more men will appreciate and adore her. They perceive women as they do themselves. A man will always choose a charismatic girl with curves rather than a model with confidence issues.

2. They Like Your Friend If She’s Hot

If you think your friend or sister is super hot, your man won’t miss that quality either. He will like her, and he’ll think about her, though he’ll never say it out loud, of course. It’s stupid to think that your love makes him blind to other girls.

3. They Like Compliments Too

It’s like a tradition that a man compliments women but do you know that sometimes they love to hear it too? They need words of affection and warm looks just as we do, and such little things can change everything.

4. We Get Scared Too

Men are always supposed to hide his fears and not talk about them but we all have phobias. But they will never confess that they’re are maybe afraid of dark or that spiders.

5. We Don’t Know How To Do Certain Things

Being a man in the eyes of a woman is very important for them. That’s why men take up any job, even if they’re not sure of success. They need to be strong and smart in front of their women.

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