Is the relationship really still worth fighting for? Should we just cut our losses now and move on to happier and better things in our lives? Is this the happiest we are ever going to be together? The answers to these questions are very difficult, but they are also very important. One way to simplify your personal reflections on the relationship is to think about whether the person you’re with is still a person you want to build your life around. Are they still the same person you fell in love with? Is there potential for change or improvement? Do you find yourself always giving, but never receiving?

If you happen to find yourself in a relationship with a selfish person, then maybe it would be best for you to just move on to better things. You have to let selfish people grow and mature as individuals before they can be ready for proper relationships. So how do you know whether your partner is just too selfish? Here are a few signs that you can be on the lookout for.

1. You are never on the receiving end of apologies.

A person with immense pride would never be one to make apologies. Only the most selfish kind of people think that other people are not worthy of apologies. They think that they are always right in their actions, or that they are above giving other people apologies. If you find that your partner never says sorry to you even after the most blatant physical and emotional blunders, then you are most definitely dating a selfish person who only thinks of the self. They would never willingly swallow their pride for the sake of making you feel better with a sincere apology.

2. Your partner lets insecurities get in the way of your relationship.

Whenever we get into a relationship with other people, we willingly open up a huge bulk of our lives. We share our entire beings with another person in the hopes of establishing trust, compassion, and empathy with each other. However, we always make it a point to try our best to never serve as a burden to our partners. If there is a problem that we are perfectly capable of handling on our own, then there is no reason to drag our partners into the equation… particularly on issues of emotional insecurity. When your partner’s life happens to be constantly disrupted by emotional insecurity, and they drag you in to help you clean up the mess, then they are definitely being selfish. 

3. Your partner is inconsistent when it comes to respecting and valuing you.

Respect and affection is never a consistent aspect of your relationship. Your partner doesn’t think it important to make you feel good about yourself because your feelings are not the priority in the relationship. Your partner couldn’t care less about you being tired, elated, sad, upset, depressed, excited, or anything. It’s as if they will never acknowledge your feelings and so by extension, they are essentially refusing to dignify your existence. They are too caught up thinking about their own personal feelings and emotions that they end up not having time to think about you. In the end, you just become a footnote on their lives.

4. You never feel like you get a chance to take the lead in the relationship.

Decisions are always your partner’s, and never yours. You never get to say when it comes to determining the direction of your relationship. Regardless if it’s just the little things like choosing what movie to see during date night, or the big things like deciding on the number of kids you’re going to have. If your partner never gives you a proper voice in the relationship, then that means your partner is a selfish person who has no regard for your personal desires.

H/T: Relrules