exercises to control high blood pressure

5 Most useful and proven exercises to reduce and control high blood pressure

There are several ways of controlling and lowering your blood pressure, which include a healthy diet, medicines, and exercises. 

High Blood Pressure is one of the most common problems that increase patients every day. If you have been diagnosed with the problem of high blood pressure, the chances are that the doctor has prescribed you medicines to cope with the increase in blood pressure. Nevertheless, nature is the best way to treat any disease or problem. It is important to understand your body’s function, and through proper and effective exercises, you can control and lower your body’s blood pressure. 

However, if you can lower and maintain your body’s blood pressure through exercise, you can reduce and even avoid the prescribed medication for high blood pressure. Therefore, we will analyze and state some of the exercises that may benefit you by lowering your body’s blood pressure.

Here are lists of the most useful and proven exercises to reduce and control high blood pressure

1. Moderate walking three times a day

One of the easiest and best ways to control and lower your blood pressure is by walking. According to Honor Health, It is recommended to take a moderate walk for almost ten minutes, three times a day. When you walk, all of your body’s muscles tend to work, and through this exercise, the stiffness of blood vessels is reduced, resulting in a clear path from which your blood can flow easily. The effects that are experienced by walking are noticeable during and right after the workout. Therefore, you can monitor to have a lower blood pressure immediately after working out. 

As the effects are best noticeable during and after the workout, health professionals recommend that the best possible way to fight against high blood pressure is to break your workout routine into several small sessions throughout the day. Moreover, one study showed that ten minutes’ walk three times a day is more effective in preventing future blood pressure spikes as compared to thirty minutes trek each day.

2. Thirty minutes of cycling every day

Similar to Waking, cycling involves the working of each muscle, which reduces your blood vessels’ stiffness that allows the blood to flow through them easily. You can easily adapt this exercise by similar two methods as walking. One of them includes cycling for straight 30 minutes every day, while the second option allows you to break down the cycling routine into smaller sessions of 10 minutes that can be conducted three times a day. This results in lowering your body’s blood pressure and has proven to be very effective. Moreover, cycling also shares more health benefits.

3. Hiking is a good exercise to control high blood pressure

Not a suitable exercise if you live in a modernized city. But hiking is a great exercise for increasing the level of fitness and eventually lowering your body’s blood pressure. As hiking requires sheer power and energy, your muscles are put to work, and the pathway of blood is cleared, allowing it to flow through easily. Many more physical activities such as hiking have been proven to lower the body’s blood pressure by 10 points.

4. Reduce high blood pressure with pedal pushing or desk treadmilling

According to Harvard Medical School Publishing, treadmills and cycling desks help people minimize the time spent sitting, improving blood pressure, blood flow, heart, and lung function. A study published by Honor Health insists that researchers have found out that desk treadmilling or pedal pushing for 10 minutes every hour at a pace of 1 mile per hour has been proven to lower blood pressure and be a helpful exercise that can conduct at home.

5. Swimming lower your blood pressure

One of the most famous and recommended exercises to lower the body’s blood pressure is swimming. Studies have shown that swimming can be very effective for lowering the blood pressure of adults aged 60 and older. Moreover, swimming has also proven to reduce blood pressure by almost 9 points in swimmers that worked their way up to 45 minutes of swimming over 12 weeks. 

As swimming also involves the working of almost every muscle in your body, the body’s functioning to reduce blood pressure is similar to the exercises mentioned above.


These were some of the best and most effective exercises proven to lower a body’s blood pressure. However, the true benefits of these exercises are only obtained if the exercise is sustained. It is very important to maintain your exercise routine to fight against high blood pressure as you can lose the advantages if you tend to stop exercising for two weeks. 

Therefore, it is recommended by health professionals that individuals showed at least conduct moderate exercises for around 150 minutes per week, or they can opt to maintain vigorous exercise for almost 75 minutes per week. 

If you tend to maintain this exercise routine, studies have proven that you will be on track to a healthy life with lower blood pressure, which can allow you to live your life to the fullest as high blood pressure comes with several problems that can limit and restrict you from living your life to the fullest.

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