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Everything You Need To Know About Live With Your Best Friend

Everything You Need To Know About Live With Your Best Friend

This is really a personal decision and you’ve got the ultimate say, however living along with your best friend could be a huge decision and there are a lot of things you need to think about. Some say that living with a best friend could be a good plan because best friends can eventually treat one another like family. however others say that everything could start good and fun at first however can crumble and ruin the friendship within the end. If you’re facing a similar issue, so here are pros and cons of living along with your best friend.

1. Conflicts will pile up

You need to agree that you just won’t get emotional anytime you face conflicts. however what if your best friend is used to crying all night every time you’ve got fights because she knows that you are the most understanding best friend? are you able to manage this the entire year

2. You don’t got to eat alone

Another perk of living along with your best friend is learning the way to cook a meal particularly if your best friend could be a great cook. Or if both of you’re not nice in the room, you’ve got someone to share a take-out food with.

3. It’s hard to set boundaries

If you’re asking “Should I live with my best friend?” and you know that you’re not comfortable sharing your personal belongings with anyone, then the solution is No as a result of setting boundaries along with your best friend may be difficult.

4. You can always find somebody to speak to

“Should I live with my best friend?” this is often one more reason why you should. keep in mind the last time you were looking for somebody to speak to when you and your ex had a nasty breakup? Your roommate, aka your supporter, is automatically available for you.

5. You need to have a similar financial goals

Here comes the end of the month and you wish to settle your bills. If your best friend isn’t smart at budgeting and always falls short in giving her share for the living accommodations, this could be a problem and also the start of your arguments.

6. You encourage one another

One great point about living along with your best friend is that you just inspire one another. If your best friend likes to exercise, you’ll be most likely to exercise too. If your best friend is studious, you’ll additionally get motivated to study well.

7. Your lifestyle must change

Problem rises if you don’t have identical habits. let’s say, you’re somebody who desires everything to be in place while your best friend is sort of a skinning snake that leaves her dirty clothes anywhere she changes. So, “Should I live with my best friend?” the answer could be a huge “No”.

8. You’re forever excited to see each other

When you got to go home over the weekend, you may forever be excited to travel back to your apartment and see one another once more. This makes your friendly relationship stronger and more real.

9. You discover new personalities of your best friend

You think you recognize your best friend from the tip of her nail to the last strand of her hair? reconsider. There are traits of an individual you’ll discover only if you start living under the same roof. who dares to say what you may find?


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