Eight Male Behaviours That Annoy Women


Here are the eight male behaviors that annoy women.

1. Possessive

Men who think that women are an object of ownership. They want control over a woman’s every action, word or attitude even though, in reality, they have no claim over them.

2. Sloppy

Men who do not take good care of themselves, lack good hygiene and make the house messy. This is really annoying.

3. Insensitive

Women, in general, are more sentimental than men (or at least express their feelings more). This gender difference sometimes causes men to think their companions are just being dramatic. When men disregard their wives’ feelings or important events, the women feel rejected and disregarded.

4. Grumpy

Men who complain about everything, are never satisfied, not fun, rude and prefer to isolate themselves. They always see things negatively and nothing satisfies them. Any effort to help them feel positive is in vain. These men only know how to criticize everything and everyone — nothing makes them happy. It is especially bad when their foul mood is directed toward women and nobody else.

5. Untrustworthy

Men who do not keep their promises and put their personal interests before their wife and family. Although they make commitments, they do not follow through on their responsibilities.