Eight Guys You Should NEVER Ever Date


Here is a list of guys women should steer clear of.

If you are one of these men, could you stop doing all of these things? They are seriously creepy!

1. The Taken: This guy has never been yours. You may have found him at a rebound or on one of his off days. His heart and mind already belong to someone else. The signs should be apparent from the very beginning.

He cannot stop talking about his old flame, no matter what you guys talk about he makes the other woman a part of your conversation. This, alone, should be enough for you to back out before it’s too late. No one wants to be the part of a love triangle.

2. The Badass: A foul history follows him wherever he goes. He ends up breaking and bashing people all the time. He never wants to reason it out. His lack of interest in studies and healthy lifestyle is not helping much either.

If you can’t handle the dare-devil and bad to the bone life, then you should start looking for escape routes because this one is definitely not the one for you.

3. The Brains: He is an intellectual freak! This guy is Sheldon Cooper’s long lost brother! He is out of touch with ordinary people; maybe he is already calculating his first spaceship launch or how to defy gravity. If you are not an aspiring intellectual, then put your reading glasses down and scamper towards the door.

4. Sneaky Hands: Okay, so you are sitting watching a movie, enjoying your first date and next thing you know a hand slips around your waist. Ok, awkward, but you say to your self let’s snuggle and keep watching the movie. Suddenly your body freezes as he is now breathing up on your neck and ear lobe!

This guy can’t seem to keep his hands to himself! Guys who act up on the first date should be kept at arm’s length. For all you know he might be a sex offender, look for a guy who asks your permission before touching you! You cannot expect much out of a relationship when a guy only wants to play.

5. The Boaster: You won’t have to tell him, how you like the way he smiles, or how you like the way he talks he will tell you himself, how you fell for his charms and good looks, how you just couldn’t resist him just like the other girls he knows!

He is worse than Dolores Umbridge (All Harry Potter fans will agree with me over here). Your conversation with him revolves more around ‘HIS’ achievements in life. If you are searching for a relationship where it’s all about him, by all means, go ahead.

6. The Dumbstruck: What can I tell you guys about him? When he is unable to conjure up the courage to talk literally, not saying there is something wrong with being an introvert. I have seen introverts who are more expressive, romantic and expressive than normal people.

You have been together for months now and still, he has not been able to express what he feels for you. You seem to be stuck somewhere in between with him. Beware of this type if you are looking for a commitment because he isn’t going to give you any. He is probably there just to waste your time.

7. The Evader: He is a great friend, he is your man. But the minute you assign him a responsibility; he will do whatever he possibly can to avoid it and make up more excuses than a four-year old.

You can’t rely on him at all. Dump this type if you don’t want to be one putting in all the effort (physical and emotional) to have functional relationship.

8. The Over-Desired: He is the perfect gentleman. He knows how to make a lady twirl and land comfortably against his six packs. You bet he can charm you in a jiffy. The problem is that he knows this game too well!

Therefore you might be oblivious to who else is falling prey to his charms and good looks. After all he is the most wanted guy and every girl you can think off wants to date him. You are better off looking for a guy who plans on loving one girl, in a thousand ways for the rest of his life.

H/T:  RelRules