Eight Definite Signs You’re A Bad Kisser


No one wants to be a bad kisser.

So, try to read the subtle signs that your partner gives when it comes to your kissing sessions.

The future of your relationship may be dependent on the way you kiss.

Make it a memorable experience for the both of you.

A lot of us might be hesitant when it comes to kissing.

We always want to get it right to make a good first impression.

Most of us are worried about how we are doing it.

1. Lot of tongue involved 

If you are slopping your tongue all inside his/her mouth.

it’s time to stop doing it, especially if your partner is not responding by involving his/her tongue.

There should only be a certain amount of tongue involved in a kiss.

2. Being too harsh and too fast

Whether you take it harsh or too fast without passion, make sure you don’t hurt your partner

3. He/she is backing off:

He/she might try to back off when you are trying to kiss him/her.

This is a sure-shot sign that you need to improve on your kissing skills.

4. There is a lot of teeth clucking

God has designed our mouth in such a way that nothing comes in between kisses.

So, when you are hearing a lot of teeth clicking together, it’s time to change your kissing strategy.


5. Trying to break the kiss with a conversation:

if your partner repeatedly tries to break the kiss quickly citing different reasons, it is a definite sign that he/she is not enjoying it.

6.No eye contact after the kiss

if you find your date always in a hurry to leave after the kiss, there is high possibility that he/she didn’t enjoy it.

He/she might deny if you ask him/her directly, so avoid confrontation. Just try to read between the lines.

7. A sloppy kiss 

This one’s for all the men out there.

Women find it gross when a lot of saliva is involved during a kiss.

Make sure to keep it neat and simple. That’s what women like.

8. Kissing for too long or too short

The correct period of time one should take while kissing differs from individual to individual, dilly dallying is for the most part an indication of an awful kisser. You are likely influencing your partner to wheeze for breath and denying them of oxygen.  When you are into it, benefit as much as possible from it and don’t leave the other individual hanging.

H/T:  Boldsky