Don’t Settle For An Almost Relationship, Is Nothing But A Waste Of Your Time, You Deserve Better


Almost is not enough. You deserve a boyfriend, a man who will talk to you about your problems, someone who you know isn’t out sticking his THING in every chick he can. If you’re stuck in limbo fighting to define your undefined relationship,

Here’s why you should tap out and move on:

If commitment isn’t two-sided, then who knows what he’s doing on the side. No matter how loyal you are to him, if he isn’t technically dating you, then he’s free to do what he wants when he isn’t with you. Sure, it makes him totally crappy, but I guarantee that he doesn’t see it that way.

Pretending to be happy with your almost relationship just so you don’t lose him automatically lowers the standards you would have upheld before he came along. If you’re losing who you are because of him, it’s time to lose him instead.

You’re in a constant state of frustration because you feel like you’re on the verge of something so great, only to be stuck in the same place time and time again. It’s difficult to understand why he claims to like you so much, but makes excuses and won’t take it to the next level.

You literally dread someone asking you if you’re dating him because you know you don’t have an easy answer. It becomes embarrassing to admit that you’re clinging to a guy who only makes himself available to you when it’s convenient for him. Once you stop making him a priority when he only makes you an option, the awkward explanations won’t be necessary.

You know that you’re worth more than the way he treats you, and you’re unhappy getting less than you deserve. When spending time with him starts to make you feel disappointed in yourself and question your value, it’s time to kick that boy to the cold and lonely curb.

He always has a reason why he wants to keep things the way they are, and you begin to validate his excuses. Whether he says he’s been hurt and wants to go slow, or he’s just not ready, you stick around and hope for the best. Instead of hoping he’ll change, find someone more mature who you don’t need to convince.

When games are played and you’re feeling insecure about your relationship status, it hurts your level of trust for him and for future guys. It’s easy to start believing all guys will do this to you and then you build up a wall that makes it difficult for future relationships as well.

Even though your friends are always there for you, it’s hard for them to see you get treated poorly. They won’t know how to be honest without hurting your feelings, but they don’t want to encourage you to stay and give you false hope. Not only are you in a weird and confusing scenario, but your friends are right there with you for totally different reasons.

Compromise makes relationships work, but when you’re compromising everything you want to make him happy, you’re majorly missing out. If he doesn’t want to be serious but you do, go ahead and let him find someone else to torture.

H/T: Bolde