Don’t Let Your Ego Hold Your Relationships Down


Ego is what has been ruining your relationships with people. It has made you push people in your life away. The world does not revolve around you. It is not always about you. Your ego seeks to fight and win for you but in most cases, what happens is that you end up on the receiving end. You are the loser in the end.

Relationships are destroyed. You have the most wonderful person as a spouse. All you talk about is your life and what happens to you. I would put it as being self centered but I would rather go with being egotistical. His or her life is not a priority anymore. It is all about you. Sometimes your spouse feels uncared for.

In the end your ego will destroy what you have. Remember that you did not get into a relationship with yourself.
At times it appears as pushing people away when in real sense; it is your ego seeking for satisfaction.

No one is perfect but ego blinds you from seeing the reality. It makes you view everyone as inferior. You may end up not establishing any serious relationships with anyone.

It dictates how you live how you talk and who you talk to. In short, ego controls you. ego changes how you communicate. It turns you into a completely different person.

Your ego centric attitude will make you feel that you can live without people in your live but when it is gone and the truth caves in, you will realize that no man is an island.

You need people but it might be too late to mend the relationships you broke during these times. Relationships that broke because of not acknowledging the presence of important people in your life.

It is time you changed and became selfless. Love and do not expect anything in return. That is the secret to living a beautiful life.