Being honest with yourself, how many times have you not waited for your partner’s approval to believe that things are well done or correct? Unfortunately, women today are leaving our lives in the hands of another.

Many times you expect your value to be given by what another person says. You are in serious error .

You have to remember that you are good enough to get ahead without needing to be with someone. You must start by loving yourself to be able to give affection to others. Do not forget that you can not offer what you do not have.

Then, you have to believe in yourself and not wait for your partner to tell you to believe it . Therefore, leave aside the idea that your intelligence and the wonderful attitudes that identify you are valuable only until someone else recognizes it. You must know that you are amazing and do not need to wait for another to come and tell you.

The lack of self-esteem affects your value

If you do not accept yourself as you are, you can not wait for someone else to do it. Human beings constantly seek the approval of others to believe that what they do is fine.

For this reason, we wait for our partner or husband to recognize that we are good enough. When you realize the potential that you keep and do not give your power to another, you can use your abilities to get ahead .

Take charge of your life

Finally, the moment you make decisions about really important matters, you will see that what he thinks about you is not everything in life. There are other valuable activities in your life and you do not need to wait for approval from him.

If you live your life in the way that you think is right, you will achieve a lot, if you want to. Do not leave your destiny in the hands of someone else, love yourself and value yourself.