Having depression and anxiety is so conflicting because, its like wanting to do everything, but wanting to do nothing at all

Depression isn’t a constant feeling of sadness, depression can be hidden in happiness.

Depression is sitting in your bed at 3 in the morning worrying about the future you don’t even want to have.

Depression is not someone asking for attention.

Depression is mentally and emotionally tired all the time, fed up/frustrated/disgruntled with everything

Depression is hearing your favorite song and not singing along.

Depression is staring at a wall for hours uninterrupted, wondering why you feel the way you do.

Depression is rarely sleeping but always feeling exhausted.

Depression is feeling all your emotions slowly slipping away.

Depression is doing whatever it takes to feel something, trying anything to not feel so numb.

Depression is not having the energy to even talk to the people you love. Or do anything, actually.

Depression is finding that, suddenly, you don’t care about the things you were once so passionate about.

Depression is wishing that you could at least love yourself. But you can’t. Not the way you want to.

But despite all of this, people with depression tend to make jokes more.

People with depression try to make others smile.

We even smile and laugh more than non depressed people.

People with depression are not attention seekers.

People with depression are not “faking it”.

Depression is serious. Depression kills. And it’s time to accept it. It’s time to do something. We should not be looked down upon anymore.

Mental illness isn’t the punchline to your joke.

And the sooner that this all becomes common knowledge, the better.

Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. let it go.