Dating Truths You Have To Accept



Control Freak!

If you’ve become a bit of a dating control freak, then it’s time to take a step back! Dating can certainly be an emotional roller coaster, and no one knows what will happen next. You can control some things, such as instead of waiting for them to contact you, why not pick up your phone first?

But other than the small stuff, you just have to trust that the rest will fall into place. Dating is as uncertain as life itself, so it’s best to hang in there and enjoy the ride. Have faith in both yourself and your partner, and remember, trying to control someone else will only make them resent you – Not cool!

  Baggage Drop-Off

A lot of relationships begin while one person is ‘on the rebound’. This simply means that they are still dealing with the hurt and heartbreak of being dumped and rejected by their former flame, and they have now began a new relationship with the purpose of forgetting this hurt. We’ve got news for you – this is dangerous relationship territory!

Everyone carries a bit of emotional baggage with them, but expecting the new partner to suddenly make everything better is extremely unfair, to both your new partner, and yourself.

If you’re having trouble dealing with your heartbreak, then take a step away from the dating game until you feel confident with yourself again.


  Blame Game

Is your dating life a mess? It might seem like the easiest option to just blame all of this on your parents’ own messed-up relationship, but the truth is that it’s time to take some responsibility. A lot of children grow up with arguing parents, or they even experience their mother and father going through a divorce.

But this should not impact anyone’s own adult relationships or marriage. ‘Each to their own’ as they all say. Just because your parents had a turbulent marriage, doesn’t necessarily mean you will!