6: Assuming He’s Seeing Just You

Easiest way to get disappointed and scupper things? Assume you and him are already exclusive and bingo!

After a few weeks of texting, it’s easy to get a bit giddy and assume/hope that he’s now only texting us. But this might well not be true. Moreover, it needn’t be true. He’s free to text and see who he wants at this point. Refrain from asking too soon if you guys are exclusive, and definitely refrain from getting upset if he tells you that you aren’t.

 7: Getting Into Your Beliefs

It’s a date. It’s meant to be fun, relaxed and easygoing. So do you really want to ruin things by going in too deep with your beliefs and values? Sure, it’s important that long-term partners share our belief systems and values. But woah, steady on there! You’re only dating at this point. It’s best to keep your strong opinions and impassioned beliefs on politics, etc – to yourself. It can kill the mood and might overwhelm him.

 8: Being Needy

We know it’s hard not to be needy when you’ve always been like this. But since guys really don’t find it attractive, it’s important that you work hard to change.

 9: Ignoring The Warning Signs

If you hit the dating scene wearing your rose-tinted glasses, you’ll fail to spot the red flags. And this is a big dating mistake that you need to avoid. Even if he’s hot, don’t ignore the warning signs. If he’s always late to a date, has already cancelled a few times, and seems to be keeping things from you, look beyond his hotness. He will let you down eventually, and it’ll be left to you to pick up the pieces from this one.

10: Thinking You Can Reform A Bad Boy

Following on from the one above, thinking you can reform a bad boy is another dating mistake you need to avoid. Why are women attracted to bad boys? Many reasons. But bad boys don’t tend to change. If you’ve been single for ages and keep dating bad boys, the two could be related. Just saying.

H/T: Beautyandtips