Common Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Dating is difficult. It’s exhausting! Those who get it right either get lucky – or they’ve learned the mistakes they need to avoid. Knowledge is power. To help you out, let’s take a look at 10 dating mistakes you should avoid making.

1: Revealing Your Feelings Too Early

When we haven’t dated a guy for a while and all of a sudden someone is showing us some attention, it’s way too easy to get carried away. After just a week, we’re all like: “I miss you so much.”

Only, do you really miss him, or do you just think you do? Worse than that, though, is how a guy responds to such early declarations of feeling. Often, he won’t respond positively, and will think you’re coming on too strong. At which point, he’ll do a runner.

It’s tempting to tell someone we like or miss them as soon as possible. Sometimes, we want to hear them reciprocate. Other times, we reveal our hand just because it feels right. But putting your cards on the table can put him off. Keep them close to your chest for now and wait a while. Play it cool.

2: Striving For Perfection

Been on a few dates with different guys but decided none of them were right for you? Maybe your inbox is flooded with messages but you ignore 99 out of 100. Why? Perhaps you’re looking for Mr Perfect.

Only, he probably isn’t out there. Secondly, taking a chance on a guy you’d usually pass on could be a life-changer.

 3. Not Asking Questions

Guys are always expected to take the lead when it comes to conversations. But while the guy might seem super adept at talking and an all-round great conversationalist, it doesn’t mean that he’s enjoying this. Ask him questions to show that you’re interested, relieve some conversational pressure from him, and to also keep things moving. If you literally can never think of anything to ask, prepare some questions and topics beforehand.

 4: Checking Your Phone

Guys don’t like dating girls who are glued to their phone. It shows rudeness and suggests you’re not really into him. Moreover, who are you texting? Another date? It’s off-putting and can knock a guy out of his stride. To give this date the best possible chance of succeeding, put your phone down and focus purely on the guy. He’ll really appreciate it.

5: Sleeping With Him Too Soon

A lot of the time, we go to bed with a guy too soon because:

a) We really fancy him
b) We think that’s what he wants
c) We assume we’ll totally see him again!
However, sleeping with a guy too soon might kill this before it’s even got started. The guy might assume this is all you wanted and move on. And because he hasn’t made an emotional connection with you yet, it’s really easy for him to move on. Even if he cuddled you in the morning and made you breakfast. That doesn’t mean anything. It certainly doesn’t mean he’s connected with you on an emotional level yet.

If you really like a guy and think this could go somewhere, wait a while before sleeping with him.

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