Benefits of Probiotics

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Probiotics

Did you know that your intestinal tract is home to over 100 trillion bacteria! that is more bacteria than cells you have in your entire body? The interesting thing about these bacteria (besides the vast number) is the profound effect they can have on your health and well being.

One of your primary focuses toward your wellness is to ensure that your gut is healthy. In this article, we’ll show you exactly seven benefits of probiotics and why we believe you should eat foods that have probiotics.

Here are unexpected health benefits of probiotics

1. Gut bacteria Influence weight 

This research that is just coming out is one of the most exciting and important developments in the area of fat loss. Studies have found that obese people have less diversity in their gut bacteria than slim people. The hypothesis at the moment is that the amount and type of bacteria in the gut will positively or negatively affect metabolism, although the exact mechanism is still unknown.

2. Probiotics help detoxify heavy metals 

Heavy metal toxicity can slow down your body weight loss. Modern research has found that probiotics can help detoxify the body of heavy metals, oxidative stress, and dangerous bacteria by heightening our natural antioxidant status in the body.

3. Probiotics may boost your immune system fast

There has been recent research linking the bacteria in your digestive tract to the functioning and expression of your immune system. The higher the amounts of good bacteria in your immune system, the better your immune system will function.

4. Probiotics may improved your mood and reduced anxiety

In 2011 an interesting study was done on mice showing that the worse the mice’s gut bacteria, the worse the mood of the animals, and higher levels of anxiety were also displayed. Although the implications are not clear in whether they apply to humans or not, we have seen decreases in anxiety with the consumption of probiotics in several studies.

5. Improvement in Crohn’s Disease and IBS

Some studies have shown that probiotic supplementation may prevent relapse of Crohn’s disease and relieve discomfort in IBS patients. As these are notoriously challenging illnesses to manage, this needs to be looked into further.

6. Probiotics may reduced your Incidence of allergies

This is still in the preliminary research, but some studies have found probiotics consumption and a 30% reduction in seasonal allergies.

7. Probiotics reduce blood pressure

This is an interesting study as it starts to link gut health to cardiovascular health. It has been shown that probiotic consumption can reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). Probiotics will also help reduce inflammation, which helps reduce the body’s production of cholesterol.


As you can see, Probiotics have very wide-reaching benefits and may be of value to you and your health. Please speak to your practitioner to find out if probiotics are right for you.