Being Single is better than being with someone who fills your heart with doubt

5. You do not deserve to be broken

We know how that feeling is, closing us inside and weeping for our loss. Maybe I thought he or she would have been the perfect match and just did not happen? When you are alone, you have control over your emotions, you can manage your own situations and somehow you are detached and uninterrupted. Because of this stability, you become a pillar of support not only for yourself but for others.

6. You have your self-esteem

Harassing disappointment and anger does not create trust or self-esteem. Self-esteem is built on perfect relationships. Why compromise self-worth or self-esteem for someone who does not deserve it? Maybe looking inside those relationships that should be a priority, rather than give them to all who do not want it. You should only keep a relationship that will credit you rather than discredit you.

7. You feel free

Freedom is a rare commodity and a good – not everyone has it. Negative circumstances, such as being in a wrong relationship, stifle and prevent you from being at the highest level. You should eat when you want, you should be able to create your own program and stay there when you feel it. Your happiness must be controlled and determined by you and not by someone else.

Being alone and loving is one of the most remarkable relationships that can exist. You cherish, discover and learn to adore. These elements are significant for your growth as an individual. Perhaps you have to be selfish to achieve this growth, but along the way you will find it necessary to validate your relationship … And that should be only with the right person.

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