All You Really Need To Know On How Effective Are Condom


Using the condom in the right method will facilitate improve its effectiveness, however you’ll be able to additionally use another type of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies. you’ll be able to pick the pill, shot, or IUD. Your partner might also think about using “pulling out” method whereas wearing a condom to lower the chance of pregnancy. Condoms provide protection by creating barrier between vagina and semen or different body fluids. Today, you’ll be able to find condoms for both men and women. It is, however, enough for one in all the partners to wear condom while having sex; after all, you ought to avoid using condom once your partner has worn one already or else friction may tear it.

While condoms are a preferred form of protection, there are people that still wonder effectiveness of condoms.They really are effective, however it always depends on why you’re using them.

How Effective are Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy?

If you use condoms each time you engage in a sexual intercourse and use it properly, there are only 200th of probabilities that you could need to deal with a pregnancy. It means that condoms are ninety eight effective at preventing pregnancies, which is healthier than several different birth control methods.

However, some statistics show that people don’t use condoms perfectly, so that they are sometimes eighty two effective within the world. It implies that eighteen out of one hundred people who use condoms should still end up handling unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, the effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancies lies in however well you use them.

How Effective are Condoms Against STIs?

In order to know how effective condoms prove in preventing sexually transmitted infections, you would like to know how you become infected in the 1st place. STIs like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis transmit once infected vaginal fluids or semen get contact with mucosal surfaces. Condoms produce a layer of protection and avoid any exposure of the male urethra to vaginal secretions. that’s why condoms prove very effective against STIs.

Condoms also prove quite effective against genital ulcer STIs, like syphilis, herpes, and chancroid. the only thing to stay in mind is that these infections transmit once your skin is exposed to infected skin, therefore it’s potential to contract the infection when surfaces not coated by the condom come into contact with infected skin.

How Effective are Condoms Against HIV?

HIV transmits when mucous membrane surfaces like the vagina, the male urethra, or cervix are exposed to infected, vaginal, semen, or different body fluids. many studies have confirmed that the use of condoms throughout sexual activities works amazingly well to stop HIV transmission. many long-term studies are conducted on couples with one all told whom was HIV-positive. These studied showed that consistent use of condoms reduces risk of HIV transmission up to ninety four.

Before You Wear a condom

Keep condoms stored in a very cool, dry place – keep it faraway from direct sunlight.
Pay attention to the expiration date and never use a condom past that date.
Perform a pillow check to see if the air stays within the package.
Do not use your teeth to tear the condom package.
Do not use a condom that looks discolored, damaged, or brittle.
Using a drop of lubricate inside the condom could help increase the pleasure.

To Put a condom On

Pinch the tip of the condom with one hand to make sure there is space for the ejaculate.
Use your other hand to roll the condom to the bottom of the penis.
Guide any air bubble out of the condom using the same hand.
Apply some lube to the skin of the condom to limit excess friction.

After the Action

Make sure to hold the base of the used condom to avoid any slippage.
Throw it in the trash – don’t throw it in the toilet.