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9 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Real or Not

9 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Real or Not

Let us talk about what a perfect relationship really looks like. We now know that feeling “happy and loved” is not all that matters and does not really define the words, love and relationship. The negative feelings are a part of a relationship, you need to look for the following 10 feelings in your relation to tell if it is really real or you two are JUST saying those 3 magical words to each other.

1. You should feel Worried in the Relationship!

The ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling you get when you constantly check your phone if your partner has not contacted you in a couple of days.

It is a cellphone world and obviously we all use them. It is THE source of communication especially for those who are in a long distance relationship. Now, for example, if your partner has not called you or sent you a text and you keep on staring at their “last seen at…” status, it makes you a little nervous. Now, it doesn’t really mean that you have to totally freak out every day just because your partner couldn’t text you but that little nervousness should be there

2. The relationship should make you feel sad!

This absolutely does not mean that you should be sad because of your relationship. It means that you should feel sad for the one you love, you should feel sad and regret the harsh things you said when you were mad or angry. You should be there for them when they are sad.

Always remember, sadness and pain go along with happiness and euphoria in a real relationship.

It is pretty simple if you look at it this way- one cannot really enjoy the happiness unless they have experienced sadness. Every couple fights at one point or another, but it’s the one that feels sad and regret right after the fight that stays together and love each other even more.

3. The relationship will make you feel Exhausted!

The relationship should make you feel tired…

This statement means that you should feel tired because you stayed up all night talking with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You should feel tired because you spent the whole day knowing more about each other. You should feel tired from giving all you can to that one girl/guy that you would give anything to.

4. Feeling livid in a relationship!

As I said earlier, couples fight at one point or another. Stuff happens, and even the most perfect looking couple fights at some point in their relationship.

But these fights, arguments about things and heated discussions are a couple of downsides that are inescapable if the two are really passionate about each other.

However, these fights have a legit purpose and weight. There is some solid reason behind every fight. Real couples do not fight just to get attention or to create drama, instead, they do that to resolve a matter.


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