4. Let yourself be angry

Anger is the second most dominant feeling after a break up, the first is sadness of course. You might be angry at yourself for giving them so many chances, wasting your time, making mistakes etc or angry at them for hurting you, taking you for granted etc. Whatever the reason is, anger is an inevitable emotion after a split. What you need to do is, channel this anger in the right direction. Go running, get a punching bag or just scream and let it out. Getting over anger is very important, don’t be too aggressive and harm yourself or someone around you, give it a safe passage, just release it.

5. Get rid of all the reminders

These reminders can vary from a song, food, smell, show, gifts, pictures etc, try and get rid of them. Remove the song from your playlist, gather all the things that remind you of them and throw them away and if that seems hard then at least keep them somewhere you don’t repeatedly see them, delete the pictures or put them in a folder far far away, out of your sight.

6. Forgive

Nothing can set you emotionally and mentally free, than forgiving. As important as it is to forgive that person, it is also important to forgive yourself. Remember, everything happens for a reason, you won’t see it now but you will see it in the future, have faith. Learn from this bad experience and grow, stop blaming, it will not make the situation any better instead it’s like a weight you carry around with you, liberate yourself.