9 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep


It is important to remember that a healthy, happy relationship takes maintenance and care. Part of that care involved spending time with your loved one, and making habits and rituals together as a couple.

1. They Laugh Together

It may sound simple enough, but couples that laugh and joke together at the end of the day are happier. Make it a point to engage your partner in conversation and laughter before bed.

2. They Snuggle

You don’t have to snuggle for hours on end (because, I mean, who in the hell can stand all that body heat all night long) but snuggling into the arms of your partner can provide a bond like no other.

3. No Kids Allowed

The bedroom is a sanctuary for adults that should be considered sacred. Of course, when you have children, there will be times when they enter the room to sleep with you because they are sick or scared. However, limit this to rare occasions and focus on making the bedroom an intimate zone between you and your partner.