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9 Things Guys Secretly Won’t Tell You

9 Things Guys Secretly Won’t Tell You

These small things will make him and you smile.

1. Be naughty, but don’t go too far

Most men like a little bit of adventure in the bedroom, but are often too embarrassed to ask you about trying new things. Take the lead a little and widen your bedroom repertoire, but don’t go too far, too quick, or you might just embarrass him.

2. Men look at other women, they just do!

No matter how much he is in love with you and would never stray, how much he is faithful and loyal, but you will never stop him from looking at other women and we don’t mean cheating, just looking. If your man has stopped, then check his pulse quick!

3. He craves respect, as much as he does love

Basically, most men are on one long ego trip! He wants your love and affection, but that’s as important to a man, as it is too a woman, what he needs is your respect and even admiration, so don’t forget to pat him on the back, when he does something right.

4. He wishes that you’d appreciate his reliability

Men have different priorities in life, so when your man is one who always turns up on time, even for the things that he’d rather not be doing, he’d really like to be appreciated for it. A simple ‘thanks for coming shopping with me’ wouldn’t go amiss!

5. You need to tell him if he’s doing it wrong in bed

A man assumes that all is going well for both of you in the bedroom, if you don’t tell him otherwise. After all, his technique always works for him! He would be devastated to find, that after years of being together, he’s been getting wrong all that time, so he won’t mind a little gentle guidance from you.

6. Men need contestant affirmation

Most men are essentially very insecure, especially about their relationships. In everything else in life, they get feedback. Whether that’s a pay rise at work, so they know they are doing a good job, or a result on the sports field but, in love, they don’t know if they’re doing things right, unless you tell them.

7. Men love your femininity

Cuddly toys and pink pyjamas may not be his thing, but he loves you for it all the same. Don’t try and man up for him, it’s all your little girlie traits that he loves so much, your feminine charm and gentle spirit is what turns him on (in a good sense).

8. He doesn’t like it if you have too much to drink

It’s a fact. Men will laugh at a friend who has one too many and will think nothing of it, if they do it themselves, but nearly all men dislike seeing any woman drunk, especially you!

9. Men wish that people would understand that a father is just as important, as a mother

A big complaint of men, and one that they often talk to one another about, is that most people seem to think the mother is more important to a child, than the father. Not true, we know, but he doesn’t like to feel that he is any less essential to a child’s upbringing, than you are. So make sure to show him his importance and significance to reassure him.

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