9 Signs That Your Long Distance Love Is Cheating On You


1. They’re suddenly constantly busy

Okay, this one is tricky, because people really can get super busy with less time for their significant other, especially in long-distance. The trick is paying attention to how it happens. If they had tons of time for you before, and then out of nowhere have zero time to talk, text, or see each other, that’s a sign that they’re busy doing something with someone else. Even if bae has the hardest workload ever, they would make time to at least text you back – because someone who loves someone else does that. If they don’t and claim they can’t, be on the lookout for other signs of cheating.

2. There’s some sort of sudden change

One of the biggest signs of cheating is that there is a big, sudden change with how your partner is acting or what they are doing. Maybe you’ve noticed that they’re weirdly more distant and annoyed lately, and they have no explanation for it. Maybe they have started a brand new hobby and you have no idea where it came from. Whatever it is, you’ll notice it – and if it makes you feel uneasy, there could be a reason.

3. They either never answer or take a long time to respond

Okay, this is another sign that’s hard to recognize. Not all of us have our phones by our side 24/7, and they might be in class or doing something else that doesn’t let them text back right away. But look out for changes. For example, did they always faithfully text back immediately, and now suddenly it takes them hours? Did they have a standing phone date with you that they now regularly break? Do they just go days without calling you? You know what to look out for.

4. They’ve started hanging out with new people

This is another tough sign, especially if you’re both in college or just starting college. Of course bae is going to hang with new people, that’s part of the experience – which is especially true for the beginning of the year. But if you and bae have been together for a while and you suddenly notice their friend group and routine drastically change, something could be fishy.

5. They seem overly jealous and paranoid

It sounds weird, but sometimes people who cheat act overly paranoid about their significant other as a result of overwhelming guilt. Because they know they’re doing something wrong, they feel super guilty – and they also know how easy it is to hide things. If your bae becomes more jealous than usual and starts making a lot of comments, don’t take it as a compliment.

6. Sexy stuff has died down

If bae was always down for phone sex and sexting in the past, and now they suddenly seem disinterested, you have to wonder why. It’s not because they’re bored of it – if they aren’t getting any other action, how could they be? They’re either doing it irl or they’re feeling so guilty about their actions that they can’t handle faking it in a sexy way.

7. They bail on you a lot

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you guys never see each other – so when you do have plans to meet up, or plans to have a phone call, that person should be excited to see or talk to you. If they’re constantly making excuses for why they can’t make it or why they can’t answer the phone, that’s shady. What else are they doing?

8. They only want to visit you

Maybe you guys had established a schedule for visiting each other, or maybe you had plans to visit him/her soon. If they suddenly cancel for a weird reason, and then keep cancelling every time you’re supposed to go there, watch out. If they suddenly keep saying things like, “No, I’ll come to you, I feel bad making you travel” or “I like coming to visit you better, it’s nicer,” watch out! They’ll either come up with excuses as to why they can’t see you that specific weekend, or they’ll just insist on always visiting you with a reason that makes it seem like they’re doing that just for your convenience.
This is a huge red flag that bae is cheating. If you’re with someone who isn’t cheating, that person wants you to come see them. They want to show you around and introduce you to people and show off – they want to share their life with you. If they only want to go to you, there’s a reason for that, and it’s not to make your life easier.

9. You catch them in little lies

This is true for any cheating partner – if you start to catch them in a lot of little lies, make sure your guard is up. Maybe your bae says they didn’t respond to you last night because they fell asleep with their phone on vibrate… But a few hours later, you notice they’re tagged in a photo from a party the night before. Maybe your s.O. Says they can’t facetime because their roomie needs to study, but you see their roomie tweeting about going out. It could be all sorts of little lies – the question is, what are they hiding?

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