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9 Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

9 Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

You talk frequently

1. The frequency of contact may also mean something more

Someone who still wants you in their lives will make a way to keep in contact.

If they keep in touch after the breakup, it is a strong sign that they are unsure they made the right decision in leaving you.

2. You and your ex stay in touch

They ask you if you’re okay or if you’re dating anyone

If they are checking to see if you’re ok after the breakup, they still care.

The amount of contact you still have with your ex may mean something.

3. You both still have feelings for each other

If you dated for a long time, it’s likely that you have a deep emotional attachment.

Getting your ex back will depend on the balance between how long you will keep allowing your feelings to grow versus your wish to allow them to disappear.


4.  You continue physical intimacy with them on a regular basis

You should not sleep with your ex after breaking up, but if you do, it might mean something.

Being intimate after a breakup can be a tricky business.

It can actually put a dent in the plans you have for winning them back.

Even though it may seem innocent, or even the most natural thing in the world, it can be the worst mistake you can make.

5. Your ex waits a few weeks to get their stuff back from you

Don’t give their stuff back until they ask for it!

One of the biggest reasons that exes see one another again is that they have to get things back from each other.

This is your best shot at seeing how they feel about you after the breakup.

You can’t avoid meeting because you need your things back, so look at it in a positive light because it is an innocent manner of running into you!

6. Your ex contacts you more than you contact them

There are many ways that they can do so; texting, calling, emailing, social networking, or simply showing up.

If your ex is starting up more and more communication with you, then take this as a strong sign that they are clearly thinking of you and missing you!

7. Your ex frequently shows up where you are 

If your ex is popping up in the same places that you just happen to be, this is a sure sign that they are feeling jealous and want to keep an eye on you.

The bottom line is, if they keep showing up where you are, it is either a sign of jealously or regret.

Either way, it is good for you.

8. Your ex calls you for random reasons

Your ex typically won’t call you for no reason or out of the blue. Usually, they will first find a good excuse to make contact with you.

Pay attention to these “reasons” and you will be able to figure out what they are really thinking by contacting you.

9. Your ex can’t look you in the eye

Pay close attention to what they say and their mannerisms.

There is much you can tell just by the way your ex behaves around you. If you pay close enough attention to what they say and their mannerisms, you can tell how much they still feel for you.

If they are acting in a friendly way, they are likely trying to appease the situation between the two of you.

Source:  Pairedlife 


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