9 Signs He’s Faking Love Just To Sleep With You


Ladies, Here are a few signs that his love for you is less than genuine, and that he only wants to get intimate with you physically.

1. He rarely makes time for you unless it’s for s*x.

He doesn’t make time for you unless you guarantee him a fun night in the bedroom with you. Otherwise, he is just going to act disinterested and unwilling. He doesn’t like to take time out of his schedule for your dates, hangouts, or just random chill sessions. He only wants to be with you when you’re looking to get physically intimate with him.

2. He doesn’t plan meticulous dates with you.

Dates are out of the question. He will only wine and dine you if you make him believe that he has a shot at getting with you at the end of the night. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be willing to spend his time nor money on you at all.

3. He doesn’t integrate you within his social circles.

There’s no point in him wanting you to meet his friends because he’s not looking for a real relationship with you anyway. He couldn’t care less about having his friends liking you because he doesn’t like you that much either. He’s not looking for anything emotional with you. To him, it’s purely physical.

4. He doesn’t make an effort to make you feel safe.

He doesn’t check up on you when you’re not together. He never asks you how you’re feeling. He won’t try to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. He won’t take care of you whenever you’re sick. The point is that he only thinks of himself and his own personal desires.