A good relationship needs nurturing, and if you leave it to itself, it will die. This is a stark fact that happy couples are aware of and so they feed their relationship with love, every single day. It’s not a difficult thing to do and it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort, but follow these things that happy couples do daily, and it will go a long way towards ensuring that your relationship lasts through the years to come:

1. They work on developing common interests and make sure to do fun things together

Everyone deserves a little freedom and to be able to follow their own interests, but happy couples do look for interests and fun things that they can share too. They make a conscious effort to look for the things that they can do together, and that keeps them together for longer.

2. Happy couples go to bed at the same time

Happy couples share their day right up to and including bedtime. If one wants to wait up to watch the end of a movie, then the other waits with them. Going to bed at different times is only a small step away from going to bed in separate beds!

3. Partners in happy couples complement each other often

Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Tell your partner how attractive they look or how smart and talented they are. Without compliments, it’s easy for a person to start to feel undervalued and unwanted.