Every girl tells a little lie from time to time. Whether she’s trying to spare a guy feelings or trying to get herself out of a sticky situation. Sometimes lying seems like the only option.

I Won’t Tell Anyone

keeping secrets is hard to do especially if it’s something extremely juicy or hilarious. Chances are, she’ll be telling her mom, her sister or her bestie. don’t take it personal, it’s just what girls do

“It was on sale.”

It wasn’t. Deal with it.

I don’t Care About Ex”

In a perfect word exes would be the last thing on a girl’s mind. But no matter how many times she tries to tell a guys that she doesn’t care about his ex, just know that she probably not telling the truth.

“I don’t know.”

if we’re going to get a lot of agreement on this one, but we are of the opinion that a lot of times when a woman says, “I don’t know,” she does, in fact, know.  Mostly, she do know. she may not be ready to tell you.

“Everything’s Fine”

When girl says everything’s fine, just know that she means the exact opposite. Every girl wants to appear to be cool and laid back on the surface but on the inside, she is an emotional wreck. When a girl says everything’s fine don’t ever believe her.

“I Won’t Get Mad”

If you are hiding something from a girl, she will beg you until she’s blue in the face to tell her the truth. You may even give in to her once she says, Don’t worry, I promise I won’t get mad. Once the information is divulged, she won’t be mad , she will be furious.

“I Never Get Jealous”

Every girl wants to come across like she doesn’t bothered when the guy the guy in her life is spending a little too much time with his female friends. She may even tells that she’s never get jealous and she’s completely fine with his weekly lunch dates with the entire girls volley ball team. But jealousy is a natural emotion and deep down inside, she can’t stop the jealousy from brewing.

“It’s OK I’m not Ready For A Relationship Either”

Nothing sucks more meeting a new guy and after few moths he makes his known that he’s not looking for a relationship. Many girls will lie and say that they’re not looking for something either to help ease the pain of being rejected. The truth is most girls would love to be in a relationship with a guy who meets all the requirements on their must have list.

i’m almost ready”

When a girl says she’s almost ready, just know it will be another 30 to 45 minute wait. Getting ready takes time, so you really shouldn’t expect a girl to get ready as fast as a guy does. So don’t get hurt over this little lie, she doesn’t mean any har