Seriously, trying to get pregnant is probably one of the most frustrating times for a woman. But when you’re struggling to get pregnant, there may be lifestyle changes—some major, some minor—you can make to boost your chances of conceiving, or at least prevent your fertility problems from getting worse.

Here are 9 Hidden lifestyle factors that can make getting pregnant a struggle for you

1. Your BMI is low

You may be exercising to keep your weight off. This is commendable, but be sure to check your BMI. If it’s too low, there may be your answer to why you’re not getting pregnant. Even if you do get pregnant with a low BMI, you put yourself at high risk of preterm birth.

A low BMI may also indicate anorexia, bulimia, or any other eating disorder. This means that you are not getting the nutrients you need for healthy menstruation or fertility. You can gain control over your BMI by asking an expert or downloading an app.

2. You’re going too hard at the gym

A proper exercise routine can actually increase your chances of conceiving. Some, however, tend to go overboard. Since exercise is said to be addictive, this is not really surprising. If you push yourself too hard, your body may not have the energy to reproduce. Hence, you need moderation in your workout as well as in your eating.

3. Eating too many junk food

Healthy fats in nuts, yogurt, and oats are good for you. The same, however, cannot be said of trans fats. These are the kinds of fats you would find in junk food, baked goods, and fast food.

If you insist on consuming these quick but unhealthy foods, you can put yourself at great risk. Other than the weight and health factors, your fertility could become seriously impaired. An ovulatory disorder would have a 73% more chance of rearing its ugly head.

So the next time you crave pizza, fries, nuggets or something similar, go for the healthy stuff. Stock up on bananas, almonds, walnuts, yogurt, and the like. Simply do not give yourself the option of indulging in something harmful.

4. You’re too stressed out, worrying all the time

If you worry too much about conceiving, it’s going to make you suffer mentally and physically. You would feel more tired and overwhelmed all the time. This could directly lower your chances of getting pregnant. As you can see, this is a vicious cycle which would continue until you choose to break it.

Try meditation, exercise, and any stress-relieving technique to relax. Stress can adversely affect the pituitary gland, which can even mess up your periods. This may also cause thyroid, ovary, and adrenal problems. When you’re trying to conceive, you definitely don’t want this!

Yoga, support groups, and therapy are all ways you can try to de-stress yourself. Take a deep breath, and look forward to a stress-free life.

5. You’re using the wrong lubricant

Using lube can prevent a lot of pain for those with physical problems. However, the lubricant you’re using can actually decrease the quality of the sperm. If the line contains irritating chemicals, it may even harm your body and the reproductive system altogether.

On the upside, there are lubes that can enhance sperm quality. They may even have calcium and magnesium in them, which is a good sign. If you can’t get your hands on any of those, use baby oil rather than normal lubes.