There are plenty of advantages to asking a man out on a date yourself, so brush off your fear and jump on in!

He Will Be Surprised In A Good Way! If a dude is used to being the one asking a woman out time after time, imagine his surprise when she steps up to the plate to request the pleasure of his company. Women enjoy the feeling of being pursued, so why wouldn’t a man enjoy that as well? Everyone wants to feel desired and valued, and asking a man on a date is the perfect way to show that.

What If He’s Too Shy To Make A Move? If he is a shy dude, he may not make the first move. He doesn’t have the confidence and the fear of rejection in him is far more than it’s in you. Maybe your crush needs a little confidence and assurance from your side. Maybe he is just waiting for a green signal from you; then why not? Go ask him out, it might be better for both of you.

He Will Be Impressed. Men are acutely aware of the energy required to muster up the courage to ask a woman out, so he will be appropriately impressed by your confidence in asking. And with so few women willing to put themselves out there like that, you’re sure to stand out.

Guys Want To Be Asked Out. According to a survey, 95% of men think that a girl is hot if she asks them out herself. Many guys would simply love it if they are being asked out by a girl.
Studies have proven that when a girl asks a guy out for a date, it boosts his ego and he is flattered by the offer, which likely ends up into a ‘yes’ from his side.

You Will Stop Over-Analysing And Finally Get An Answer. Are you having a hard time analysing his mixed signals? Don’t drive yourself crazy with constant analysing and interpreting, go and simply ask for an answer. When you ask him out, you will either get a yes or a no. This confrontation will either put an end to your fantasies about him or you will start up with a proper relationship with him. Whatever the case is, the over-analysing crap will stop and you will get a clear idea about his feelings towards you.