9 Common Mistakes Women Make In Relationships Without Realizing It

6. You don’t understand men

Men and women have some essential differences. If you want to be successful in relationships, you need to have at least an adequate understanding of men’s needs and desires. Treating him the same way you do your girlfriends isn’t going to create a quality and lasting romantic relationship with a man.

7. You have unrealistic expectations

Perpetuated by fairy tales and chick flicks, many women have expectations for love, their relationship and their partner that are just plain unrealistic. Remember that men are human, you are human and you’re living a real human life. This means that love is messy and maybe doesn’t have so many fireworks going off in the background. If you feel that men are consistently letting you down, honestly evaluate your expectations to see if they’re practical or not.

8. You compare your relationship

At whatever stage you’re in, from single to married with kids, the terrible mistake of comparison can damage your relationships. You are unique and you should expect your life and relationship to be unique as well. Just because your friend is all gaga over her husband doesn’t mean the way you adore your husband is less valuable; and just because everyone on your Facebook feed seems to be engaged doesn’t mean that you need to be too.

Comparison will destroy your relationship satisfaction and can cause you to act in ways or do things that are not right for you and your partner.

9. You try to change him

Of course you should expect your man to evolve and become better, and your relationship should be a component of that. However, you shouldn’t be in the business of trying to make him over into the person you think he should be. That’s his job. Furthermore, he probably isn’t going to change very much in the essentials; his goals, motivations, etc. will probably always be the same. Don’t undervalue his good qualities trying to change the bad ones. If you don’t like him for him, maybe he’s not the person you should be with.


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