8 Wicked Ways to Tease Your Man


Here are some various ways in which to tease your man that basically work and that are ideal for any relationship! therefore, take a glance, Ladies, and let the teasing games begin!

1. Sudden affection

Guys don’t generally expect a lot of affection from their girlfriends, however if you manage to get a man off guard with an surprising tongue-kiss or a delicate touch that is a little proactive, then you’ll have the upper hand! this is often a good way to tease him regardless of wherever you’re and let him know what is going to happen once you two get home! this is often completely one of the top ways in which to tease your man!

2. Lingerie

I think that underwear is one of those things that a lot of girls ignore, but slipping into a gorgeous lingerie piece will extremely make your guy go crazy! this is often very true if you catch him completely off guard, like changing into the underwear as soon as you get home and wearing a gown around until after dinner.

4. Attractive perfume

There are a lot of completely different perfumes out there that are pretty amazing and might really drive your man fully wild. All you need to try and do is find the one that works for your body chemistry, one that you just know he’ll love. It’s amazing how a smell will modification everything!

5. PDA

Unexpected feeling will happen anywhere, however pda is focused in on public affection! If you’re out in public, why not slip your arm around him, hold him a bit tighter, sit in his lap once you are during a position to try and do so while you’re out. If you’re dancing? Dance a little closer and really tease him that way!

6. Toys

Bringing toys and a bit excitement into the room could be a good way to tease your man! Even simply laying out a toy in plain sight in the morning, so he is aware of what’s coming, can get him pondering it all day! give it a attempt to see what happens.

7. Food In the bedroom

Finally, have you ever ever considered bringing food into it? have you ever considered a jar of fluff or even some topping within the bedroom? It’s a surefire way to tease him and it’ll keep things spicy and delicious for days! simply find a good food that you just like and give this a try!

8. Make him wonder

Randomly ask him something like, “Do you think that the kitchen floor will be too cold to have s*x?” then walk off as if it absolutely was just a passing idea.

Ladies , even if you’re fully attuned to all or any of the ways in which to tease your guy, these are just a couple of examples! What alternative tips do you have? offer ’em up! We’d like to hear what works for you and perhaps what quirks your partner has!