Here, we have a list of  8 thoughtful ways to show your girl that you love the hell out of her.

1. Surprise Her

Everyone likes surprises. And for women, there’s nothing more flattering than a romantic surprise from her life partner. To show that you love the hell out of her, plan surprises for her; a surprise visit at her work place, take her out at lunch time, she will feel like she’s on cloud nine to see her colleagues envying her;  surprise her with a bouquet of flowers at the morning breakfast table; this will make her day. Any thing romantic that has an element of surprise in it is can spark the romance instantly.

2. Compliment Her  

A well-timed, sincere compliment is far more effective than many flattering remarks. Compliment her about her looks, her beauty, her poise; tell her that she is looking stunning in that dress, tell her when she smells nice, let her know that she is looking beautiful. She will just love these compliments. But make sure your compliment is genuine and sincere.

An out of the blue compliment has a deeper impact on her. Compliment about her intelligence, her nature, her personality. Such profound compliments will surely win her heart when they come as a surprise.

3. Give Her Gifts

Every woman adores flowers and chocolates. Show your love by giving her gifts. There is no need to wait for a special occasion, you can give her a gift anytime of the year and she will definitely love it.  A gift can be anything that you feel like giving her.

It is not necessary that you go for a very elaborate and expensive gift item every time. For your woman, you can have a vast variety of gifts to choose from; you can gift her anything from a Spa Voucher to her favourite dress, from chocolates to jewellery items etc

4. Romance Her

Keep the romance alive in your relationship. Make her feel special and loved by little gestures. It’s not a compulsion that you spend a great deal of money to show your love. Every little thing to express your sincere love and true romance will not go unnoticed and every little thing matters.

 5. Buy Her Flowers

Flowers are always linked with love and romance. Show her that you are madly in love with her by sending or presenting her with flowers. Without saying a single word, you can convey your feelings of love for her through flowers.

6. Cook Her Favourite Dinner

Women simply adore it when their man makes the effort to cook a meal for them. Cooking is not an easy task, and women know that only a guy with genuine feelings for them will go through all the trouble of cooking and preparing a dinner for his lady.

So try to make an effort, prepare a special dinner for her. And if you are not a good cook, get some pre-cooked items and try to lay out a candlelit dinner with your own hands. It’s your effort that will show her how much you love her.


7. ‘I Love You’

Last but surely not the least. Make use of the three magical words. Nothing can compare to the magnificent impact of these three words; ‘I LOVE YOU’. Feelings expressed in words have a deeper impact on a woman’s heart. Tell her what you feel about her, express your love, talk about your feelings for her. Don’t wait for any special moment or occasion to express your feelings in words, you can express your love at anytime. Try to make every small moment count.

8. Assist Her

Assist her in any way you can to show you care and to prove your love for her. Help her with household chores, taking care of the kids, assisting her with the laundry, cooking, packing her lunch for work etc. Show her you really care and she will know that you dearly love her.

H/T:  RelRules